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Dr Trupti Paradkar

Associate Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Mrs Shirley Mathew

Assistant Professor Business Communication and Ethics... View Profile

Dr Geetanjali Mishra

Assistant Professor Business Communication and Ethics... View Profile

Mrs Micheal Ammal Nadar

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Mrs Smita Rane

Assistant Professor Expert in the field of Communication and Soft skil... View Profile

Prof Ranjeet Puyed

Assistant Professor Communication Skills, career skills, interpersonal... View Profile

Ms Rohini Ghule

Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics... View Profile

Ms Krupa Shikhare

Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics... View Profile

Mr Suryakant Chaudhari

Assistant Professor Expert in Mathematical derivations and theorems... View Profile

Prof Shilank Singh

Assistant Professor Proficient in Statistical Analysis.... View Profile

Dr Khushbu Trehan

Assistant Professor A trainer with a special forte in helping YoungGe... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Rananaware

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Mr Vishal Tendulkar

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Parab

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, kinetics, electrochemistry, nuclea... View Profile

Dr Sameera Rege

Assistant Professor Chemistry, Vegetable Oils, Nutraceuticals, Functio... View Profile

Dr Supriya Chopade

Assistant Professor Masters in Solid state physics and Ph.D. in Y2O3 a... View Profile

Dr Aditi Kulshrestha

Assistant Professor Area of interest are Air and soil Pollutants, Indo... View Profile

Dr Ankita Banerji Jain

Assistant Professor Solid state Physics, Spectroscopy, High pressure s... View Profile

Dr Narayan Karmakar

Assistant Professor Teaching experience in Engineering Physics for und... View Profile

Dr Anjali Samuel

Assistant Professor English Literature... View Profile

Dr Jessy Pj

Assistant Professor Liquid Crystal Physics... View Profile

Mr Naresh Afre

Assistant Professor Number Theory... View Profile

Mrs Manisha Keshab

Assistant Professor Differential Equations, Financial Mathematics, Lin... View Profile

Dr Gayatri Pandya

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Smita Amogh Bhatavadekar

Assistant Professor Specialisation is in Graph Theory... View Profile

Ms Alisha Banz

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile