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Dr Atul Dhale

Professor Area of Specialization Human-Powered Machines and ... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Kumar Kottur

Professor TQM, WCM, Research Methodology... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar Patil

Associate Professor Dr. Rajkumar B. Patil received a bachelor's degree... View Profile

Dr Vinayak H Khatawate

Associate Professor Research area are Solid Mechanics, Finite Element ... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Khavekar

Associate Professor Metal Forming, Casting, DoE, Manufacturing Process... View Profile

Dr Meeta Gandhi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Green Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineer... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Vaity

Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering and Production Tooling... View Profile

Mr Sanket Parab

Assistant Professor Area of Interest areIoT applications in Manufactur... View Profile

Mr Mehul Prajapati

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Processes, Non traditional Micro Mac... View Profile

Ms Trupti Markose

Assistant Professor Faculty in Mechanical Engineering teaching subject... View Profile

Dr Amit Chaudhari

Assistant Professor CAD and CAM... View Profile

Mr Vyankatesh Bagal

Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics, heat transfer and computational f... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Thool

Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion Systems, Renewabl... View Profile

Dr Sandip Mane

Assistant Professor Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Advanced Manufactur... View Profile

Mr Ranjit Patil

Assistant Professor Smart materials, Shape memory alloy, vibration con... View Profile

Mr Sachin Kamble

Assistant Professor Automobile engineering, Biodegradable Composite ma... View Profile

Mr Prasad Shirodkar

Assistant Professor ME Mechanical Engineering in VJTI, MS Mechanical E... View Profile

Mr Avadhut Samant

Assistant Professor Operation Managements... View Profile

Mr Bronin Cyriac

Assistant Professor I am currently working as an Assistant Professor i... View Profile


Assistant Professor Machine Design,Finite Element analysis,Kinematics ... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Rajguru

Assistant Professor Dr. Ramesh R. Rajguru, being a post graduate from ... View Profile

Mr Rohitkumar Chaurasia

Assistant Professor Design and Manufacturing... View Profile

Mr Dharam Ranka

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Management, Operations Management... View Profile

Mr Dhananjay Shukla

Assistant Professor Area of interest are Computational Fluid Dynamics,... View Profile

Mr Pavan Vilas Rayar

Assistant Professor Having specialization in CAD CAm Robotics... View Profile

Mr Shashikant Auti

Assistant Professor Waste Management, ELV recycling... View Profile

Prof Vinit Katira

Assistant Professor Thermal engineering, HVAC, Renewable energy, Autom... View Profile

Mr Kartik Ajugia

Assistant Professor Thermal Engg involving subjects such as Fluid Mech... View Profile

Mr Ravikant Hattale

Assistant Professor Materials Technology, Manufacturing Technology... View Profile

Mr Greegory Mathew

Assistant Professor Design... View Profile

Mr Naresh Deshpande

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Depa... View Profile

Mr Prashantkumar Patankar

Assistant Professor Machine Design and Mechanical Engineering Design... View Profile