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Dr Narendra Shekokar

Professor Cyber Security , System Security , IoT and Network... View Profile

Dr Meera Narvekar

Professor Dr. Meera Narvekar is currently Professor and Head... View Profile

Dr Nilesh Patil

Associate Professor Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engine... View Profile

Dr Kranti Ghag

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Intellect... View Profile

Dr Kiran Bhowmick

Assistant Professor Over 13 years experience of teaching data mining, ... View Profile

Mrs Khushali Deulkar

Assistant Professor Data mining ,Machine learning , AI... View Profile

Ms Nancy Nadar

Assistant Professor Interested in Machine Learning, Applications of Ar... View Profile

Mr Chinmay Raut

Assistant Professor I have an expertise in Cyber Security and Computer... View Profile

Mr Sudhir Bagul

Assistant Professor NLP... View Profile

Prof Pranit Bari

Assistant Professor Python Programming, Data Structures, Analysis of A... View Profile

Prof Lynette Dmello

Assistant Professor Natural language processing, Computer vision, auto... View Profile

Mr Ashok Patade

Assistant Professor Human Machine Interaction, Usability Engineering... View Profile

Dr aruna gawade

Assistant Professor Artificial intelligence, machine learning , Comput... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Sonawane

Assistant Professor Programming, Data Structure, Analysis of Algorithm... View Profile

Mrs Lakshmi Kurup

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Analytics... View Profile

Mr Sridhar Iyer

Assistant Professor I am a Computer Engineer with keen interest in inf... View Profile

Prof Ruhina Karani

Assistant Professor Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Computer Visio... View Profile

Mr Aniket Kore

Assistant Professor Data structures, C programming, Operating Systems,... View Profile

Dr Chetashri Bhadane

Assistant Professor AI, ML, Data Mining, Databases... View Profile

Prof Sindhu Nair

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mi... View Profile